Sprayway Glass Cleaner Foaming Aerosol Spray, 2-pack

Get double the fantastic clean of our Original Glass Cleaner in this handy 19 oz. 2-pack. If you have twice the mess, we can provide twice the clean!

  • Ammonia Free
  • Foaming Action
  • Fresh scent
  • Streakless
  • Removes Fingerprints, dust, dirt and smoke film
  • Can be used on all glass surfaces

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0 41911 02050 3

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You will never see in your mirrors clearer than when you spray on our foaming action World’s Best cleaner. Use it on every glass surface of your house. Sprayway glass cleaner works great on other surfaces too. Use it on chrome, tile, and porcelain for sparkly shine. The foam sticks, so no drips or chasing. Our formula is streak-free to wipe away dirt and grime with no worry about residue or film. Get back to clean windows, doors, and tables with just one can.

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