Sprayway Furniture Polish

Sprayway Furniture Polish cleans, waxes and dusts while leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. Clean away dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges from wooden surfaces and more. 

  • Fresh Lemon Fragrance
  • Foaming Action
  • Removes fingerprints, smudges, stains
  • Dusts and Cleans in one step

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Sprayway Furniture Polish is a rich blend of silicones, cleaners and lemon oil that cleans and polishes a wide variety of surfaces from your woodwork and wood furniture, to even chrome. Spray a small amount of the polish on a soft cloth and wipe away any imperfections to make your furniture shine again. Never again worry about the person without a coaster, see your wood cleaner with Sprayway Furniture Polish.

  • Sprayway Furniture Polish gives a light citrus scent while removing dirt and oils from all your wood surfaces.
  • Plastic and resin patio furniture will need cleaning to prepare for the outdoor summer season but don’t forget that they need cleaning during the season’s use too.
Can it be used on wood of any type?
  • Yes, it can be used on wood finishes. If unsure, spray on an inconspicuous area first.
What other surfaces can this be used on?
  • It can be used on enamel surfaces, cabinets, chrome, brass, and more.

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