Sprayway Auto Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Auto Glass Cleaner cleans and polishes windshields and other automotive glass to a streak-free, crystal-clear finish. It is ammonia free which makes it safe for tinted windows.

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Sprayway Auto Glass Cleaner contains solvents and degreasers that quickly emulsify oil and dirt on contact for complete cleaning. The foaming action won’t run on vertical surfaces, dries quickly and leaves no residue so it requires no rinsing. It has a pleasant scent that refreshes as it cleans.

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Great For

  • Windshields
  • Mirrors
  • Chrome

Product Tips

  1. If your car has tinted windows, be mindful of the product you use to clean the glass. Products with ammonia can damage the tinting. Sprayway Auto Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free and safe to use on tinted windows. Just spray and wipe!
  2. When cleaning your car windows, remember to roll the windows down partially so you can clean away the smudges that occur on the top edge of the glass. Simply spray some Sprayway Auto Glass Cleaner onto a rag and wipe for fully clean windows.