Sprayway Anti-Static Spray

Sprayway Anti-Static Spray reduces static cling, eliminates static “shock”, helps protect computers and electronics and is residue-free

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Eliminate static electricity on clothing, carpets, rugs, furniture, drapes and more.

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Great For

  • Clothes
  • Blankets
  • Rugs

Product Tips

  1. To fix extra clingy areas on clothing where static is the worst simply use Sprayway’s Anti-Static Spray by taking the fabric in both hands and massaging the static eliminator into the fabric.
  2. Nothing’s better than freshly washed clothing, but nobody wants the static build up that is inevitable after clothes come out of the dryer. Use Sprayway Anti-Static Spray right before folding your laundry to make sure your clothing is ready when you are! Only spray on the garments after drying, never spray inside the washer or dryer.
  3. Stop the shocks before they start. Take time to spritz on Sprayway Anti-Static Spray when using new blankets or putting on new sheets so you never get shocked again.
  4. For all day static protection first pull apart your garment and then use Sprayway Anti-Static Spray in between the layers of the clothing.