Sprayway All Purpose Wipes Lemon Scent

Handles daily clean-ups with no need for additional sprays, sponges or buckets.

  • Lemon scented
  • Bleach free
  • 20 pre-moistened wipes
  • Peel & reseal
  • Use on washable hard, nonporous surfaces

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Use this product in homes, kitchens, bathrooms, medical and dental offices, nursing homes, daycare centers, health clubs, schools, hotels, cafeterias and institutional facilities.

How To Sanitize, Deodorize:
To sanitize, deodorize hard nonporous, non-food contact surfaces; wipe surface, using enough wipes to allow treated surface to remain wet for 15 seconds. let the surface dry, for visibly soiled surfaces, clean excess dirt first.

To Clean and Disinfect/Virucidal Directions:
Wipe hard, nonporous surface with wipe until surface is visibility wet.
Allow surface to remain wet for 4 minutes. For Norwalk Virus, Norovirus and Rotavirus, treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes. Let air dry. If surfaces are visibility dirty, clean first with another wipe before disinfecting. Discard used wipe in trash. Do not flush.

Mold and Mildew Stain Control: 
Will effectively inhibit the growth of mold and mildew and the odors caused by them when applied to hard, nonporous surfaces. Wipe surface and let it remain visibility wet for 4 minutes. repeat every seven days, or more often if new growth appears.

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