Good Night Bed Bug Spray

Good Night Bed Bug Spray is odorless, water-based, EPA registered and can be used in homes, dormitories, motor homes, hotels, or wherever you sleep. Ideal for bed bug control and bed bug prevention, as well as various other pests.


  • Bed Bugs
  • Lice
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • House dust mites

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Good Night Bed Bug eliminates lice, ticks, fleas, house dust mites, and bed bugs on contact for up to 8 weeks.
Bed Bugs: Treat even the toughest bed bug infestation. These pesky insects can cause a range of effects, from no physical signs of a bite to small bite marks to allergic reactions. While not considered dangerous, their presence may cause itching and loss of sleep.
House Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides spp.): Sprayway Good Night Bed Bug Spray controls house dust mites that may cause asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, watery eyes, and sneezing.
Fleas (Adults and Larvae): Fleas can transmit bacteria though bites to both humans and animals as well as carry microscopic parasites that can cause even more diseases.
Ticks (Adults and Larvae):  Most known for spreading Lyme disease, ticks can also spread Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, tapeworms, and Cat Scratch Fever.
Lice and Louse Eggs: While not be considered a medical hazard, they can lead to itching which if excessive, can increase the chance of a secondary skin infection. They are transmitted through shared clothing such as hats, scarves, or towels. Sprayway Good Night Bed Bug Spray can be used on those articles to prevent further infestation.


  1. Don’t forget to pack Sprayway Good Night when camping. Our 3oz bed bug spray is perfect for travel and will help protect you against bugs before they invade your sleeping bag! Just Lightly mist Sprayway Good Night on the inside and outside of sleeping bags before even leaving your home.
  2. Look for Sprayway Good Night in our TSA friendly 3 oz. travel size container. Suitcases are especially susceptible for transporting bed bugs across countries and into your home so be sure to spray suitcases before leaving your home or hotel to get rid of bed bugs.
  3. A little bit goes a long way with Sprayway Good Night. Lightly spray affected areas with our bug eliminating formula, never soak it. Also remember to spray in cracks and crevices, as well as bed frames mattresses and box springs as most bed bugs hide in areas they won’t easily be seen.
  4. After using Sprayway Good Night on a couch or other furniture be sure to vacuum the area once it has dried. This will get rid of all the bugs (even the most resistant bed bugs) that Sprayway Good Night eliminated.
  5. For blankets and sheets, lightly spray Sprayway Good Night onto the whole surface. Once dried, be sure to thoroughly wash them to get rid of all leftover critters.
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