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Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner Information

Full-strength or diluted, Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner is the best on the market. From dirty hands to greasy engines, wheels and tires, carpets, appliances, floors, oven racks and barbecue grills, Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner does the job.

- No solvents, no ammonia, no alcohol
- No Harmful Chemicals: No chlorine-based or citrus-based additives
- Biodegradable Formula: Natural and organic
- Use: Full-strength or diluted

Holy Cow products do not contain any ozone depleting chemicals. Read the instructions on the container for complete details.


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  • OVEN/RACKS: Spray full strength cleaner on the oven and racks and wipe off.

  • GRILL: Spray full strength cleaner on grill to cut through tough grease and wipe off.

  • DRIVEWAYS: Pour full strength cleaner on driveway to clear away grease.

  • STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES: Use 1 part Holy Cow cleaner to 3 parts water - spray on and wipe off.