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360º The All Around Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Whether you've got a big job or a little job, Sprayway 360º is the household cleaner for you. Sprayway 360º The All Around Multi Purpose Cleaner lets you deep-clean common surfaces without harsh ingredients and leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Sprayway 360º is fortified with a natural orange citrus solvent that cleans and deodorizes most surfaces. Use it to clean and deodorize washable surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms around your home or office.

Excellent for removing dirty hand prints from painted walls and doors, scuff marks on floors, crayon and grease spots, soot, lipstick and smoke film. Do not use on soft plastics.


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  • When cleaning the bathroom, start with the dirtiest surfaces. Spray the inside of the toilet, the bathtub or shower stall with 360º Multi-Surface Cleaner & Deodorant and let it soak while you clean more lightly soiled areas, such as sinks and countertops.

  • Sprayway 360º The All Around Multi Surface Cleaner is more than just a cleaner – it deodorizes too! Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, home or office, 360º deep-cleans without harsh ingredients and leaves a fresh light citrus fragrance.

  • Here’s an easy way to clean sliding door tracks. Spray 360º The All Around Multi Surface Cleaner into the track and allow to set for a moment to loosen the dirt. Use an old toothbrush to get into the grooves, then wrap a cleaning rag around your fingers to get into the track and finish the job.